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Full Stack .NET Developer

Indigroup is an executive and specialist search company, whose quality of services is becoming a benchmark in Baltic states. We are recruiting a new team member for our client PrintNonStop.

PrintNonStop service is based on software that monitors any printing/copying device of the customer in real-time. This makes it possible for the service personnel to deliver consumables on an upfront basis. In addition it helps to provide device maintenance and repair in the shortest time possible.

We are looking for an experienced and ambitious Full-stack .NET Developer to join a highly-skilled and passionate team in Vilnius.


You wil be the 9th member of businesss management and product development team of PrintNonStop

#3 offices

PrintNonStop operates in 3 offices: 2 in Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas), 1 in Poland (Lublin)

#Part of a group

PrintNonStop belongs to the group of companies operating in printing industry. It unites 5 companies and more than 100 people. The plan is to expand the team to more than 300 people in 3 years

Darbo pobūdis

PrintNonStop has acquired 1 printer service company in Poland and 2 industry leading businesses in Lithuania. At the moment PrintNonStop is in the process of making them more efficient by applying its own software and process management solutions. The same strategy will be applied to other markets. Next on the radar: Slovakia, Hungary, Germany.

The team:
The core team of PrintNonStop consists of 2 highly skilled Developers, 1 QA Engineer, a Product Designer, 2 IT support managers and 2 Marketing specialists.
PrintNonStop employs a small, focused and tightly-knit engineering team, that covers all the corners of system engineering and maintenance chores–development, deployment, telemetrics. With a well maintained code base, good unit test coverage and extra-lean processes PrintNonStop strives to make software engineering rewarding and meaningful experience.

The team is growing! PrintNonStop is now seeking an experienced Full-Stack .NET Developer who can thrive in the work environment based on trust, where a lot of personal freedom is offered.

Įmonė siūlo

  • A monthly salary of €4500 – €6000 before taxes;
  • An attractive stock option package, with an ambition to grow it 10 times in 5 years;
  • Fast hardware and quiet working environment;
  • Perfectly located modern office in Quadrum office park;
  • Flexible vacation policy;
  • Range of wellness benefits to choose from: e.g., gym, medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage;
  • No-nonsense product development process or any ceremonies that may hinder your raw performance as a software engineer.


Our development process
Our code base is kept clean and readable. This means we strive to keep our development process no-nonsense, lean. 

Our score…
We score ~8 on Joel’s test, with improvements coming:
YES – Do you use source control?
YES – Can you make a build in one step?
NO – Do you make daily builds?
YES – Do you have a bug database?
YES – Do you fix bugs before writing new code?
NO – Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
YES – Do you have a spec?
YES – Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
NO – Do you use the best tools money can buy?
(getting near)
YES – Do you have testers?
YES – Do new candidates write code during their interview?
NO – Do you do hallway usability testing? 

We are not overzealous with unit tests with sane sprinkling of them in the core areas of our business scenario implementations where correctness and stability matter the most. 

Skills and qualification required
We are looking for a well-rounded developer who can work both on backend and frontend parts of the software, with no particular preferences. Technologically the core of the codebase is based on the following building blocks at the moment: 

  • .NET: this includes C# and F#, and the related tooling; 

  • Javascript and the related ecosystem: typescript, node, npm, etc.;
  • SQL, with mysql as our main data store;
  • Google Cloud Platform as our cloud provider;
  • Unix toolset: Linux, docker, git, etc;
  • Other services: RabbitMQ, redis, etc.

The order the items above are listed is with top items being the most important for us for you to be knowledgeable in. The requirements, however, are flexible and your ability to learn is more important than your skills. In return, you are provided with a high degree of freedom to influence the product and codebase and improve in a way you find it to be needed.

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Karolis Blaževičius

+370 654 74958

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